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The Adopt a Horse program is currently in its early stages of development.

The aim of the Adopt a Horse program is to allow people who can't afford a horse or don't have land for a horse to be able to adopt a virtual horse.

After paying a small fee, they will receive an adoption package including a certificate of adoption and a photo of their horse (details of package to be confirmed at a later date).

The horses being adopted are wild horses in Australia, so the adopter will not be able to visit their horse.

All proceeds of the Adopt a Horse program will be donated to a charity (yet to be decided) to help wild horses in Australia.

Due to the nature of this program, at no point will the adopter be given ownership of a horse.

The Adopt a Horse program is sponsored by Bruce Rowland, Composer, The Man From Snowy River

and the

About A Horse

movie currently in pre-production.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest.

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